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Using The Distant Healing Symbol

Sending distant Reiki is a two-step process, First establish the connection by using the distant Reiki symbol with the person, place or thing, you are intending to send Reiki energy to. Reiki will then begin going to the person, place or thing you are sending to as long as you intend to send Reiki energy. 

Several Ways to Send Distant Reiki Energy

  1. Use a picture of the person.  Place the picture in front of you and draw the distant reiki energy symbol in the air, imagining you are drawing it over the picture.  Then beam Reiki with your hands toward the picture and it will go to that person.
  2. Do the above, only hold the picture between your hands and request Reiki to flow to the person.
  3. Write the person’s name on a piece of paper.  Draw the distant healing symbol, and hold the paper between your hands.
  4. Simply hold your hands up in the direction in which you imagine the person to be.  Draw the distant Reiki healing symbol and beam Reiki to them. 
  5. Use a teddy bear or a pillow or something similar as a stand-in or surrogate for the person.  Say the person’s name three times, then draw the distant Reiki healing symbol down the front of the surrogate.  Then do a standard treatment using all the hand positions on the surrogate intending the treatment to go to the person.  It is also possible to do a Byosen Scanning with the surrogate. 
  6. Use the distant healing symbol to send Reiki to people you knew in the past or to people on TV or in the newspapers, especially those who are injured or otherwise in need of help.
  7. Send Reiki to National or World crisis situations using one of the above techniques.

While it is best to send distant Reiki energy only to those who have requested it as they will be the most receptive, there may be times when you will want to help someone who is not aware that you could help her or for whom requesting help may be difficult. People in comas can’t request help, but still might want it if they knew about the possibility.


Also, you may want to send Reiki to heal the earth or to a crisis situation.  In these cases, just say a prayer asking for permission to send Reiki energy.  You may get permission or you many not, but it is important to follow your inner guidance.  Remember, Reiki can do no harm.  Also, Reiki respects a person’s free will.  If you send Reiki to someone who does not want it, the Reiki will not affect them. 

Group Distant Healing

Distant healing can be sent by a group of Reiki II practitioners with powerful results.  Just sit in a circle and place the name or picture of the person you want to send Reiki energy to in the middle.  This technique will also work to send Reiki to many people at the same time.  Have everyone draw the distant healing symbol and say its name three times, then beam Reiki to the picture(s) or names(s) in the center.  Remember, Reiki works by intention.  Just use your imagination to think of other ways to send distant Reiki.


Reiki is a powerful healing energy that has many possibilities for the innovative practitioner.  It is exciting that something as valuable as Reiki is now widely available.

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