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Three Pillars of Reiki

According to Usui Sensei, Gassho, Reijiho, and Chiryo, constitute the Three Pillars of Reiki. Making use of these techniques gives the practitioner several advantages.  They prepare the practitioner to give Reiki, increase the flow of Reiki energy, and determine where the client needs Reiki.  Engaging the three pillars helps to ensure that the session is given while one is in a “healing” state.

Gassho Meditation


Gassho means, “two hands coming together.”  Usui sensei called this technique the first pillar of Reiki, and he practiced it twice a day.  It is also mentioned on the Usui memorial stone where it states:

Mornings and evenings, sit in the Gassho position and repeat these words [the Reiki ideals] out loud and in your heart.

This is a special meditation to attune one to the spirit of Reiki.  It is done as a regular meditation everyday and also is part of other techniques listed below.  It clears the mind, opens the heart and other chakras, and strengthen one’s Reiki energy.  A wonderful stillness will develop inside along with the awareness of increased inner space.

  1. This meditation can be done standing, but most prefer sitting.  It is done for 10-20 minutes per session.  However, if time is a factor, 5 minutes has value.
  2. Close your eyes.  Fold your hands in the prayer position with your fingers pointing up and your thumbs touching the heart chakra at the middle of your chest.
  3. Focus all your attention on the space between the palm chakras.  (A variation is to focus on the middle fingers)
  4. If thoughts arise, acknowledge them and then gently brush them aside and refocus on the space between the palm chakras.
  5. As you continue to practice you will find that you can hold your attention on the space between the pal chakras for longer and longer periods of time without thoughts arising.
  6. It is important to accept that thoughts will arise.  When this happens, do not think you have made a mistake, as this is completely normal.  However, as soon as you realized that you focusing on a thought, brush it aside and refocus on the space between the palm chakras.
  7. When you have reached the end of the meditation, take a couple of deep breaths, bring your attention to your eyes, and open them slowly.



Reiji-ho means “indication of the spirit” and is the second pillar of Reiki.  This is a technique that allows you to be intuitively guided to where a person needs Reiki.  It can also be used to determine the best area to place the hands to help specific illnesses and conditions.  Additionally, it can be used to determine how to carry out a session for a client – which symbols and techniques to use. 

  1. Do the Gassho meditations, but only for a minute or so.
  2. Say a prayer, giving thanks to the source of Reiki and asking it to begin flowing now.
  3. Say a prayer on behalf of the client, asking that she or he be completely healed.
  4. Move your hands up so the thumbs touch the third eye (the area between the eye brows).  Ask reiki to guide your hands to where they are needed.  You could also ask to be shon the best places to treat a specific condition or which symbols and techniques to use in the session.
  5. Follow your inner guidance and allow your hands to be directed by Reiki.  Notice any internal impressions you may get and use these to improve the sessions.
  6. Use Reiji-ho anytime during the session when you need additional guidance. 



This word means “treatment” and is the third pillar of Reiki. The kind of treatment Usui Sensei taught relies on one’s inner guidance rather than on a predetermined set of hand positions.  In this way, each treatment is unique and focuses on what the client needs to create wholeness.  After doing Reiji-ho, continue to follow your inner guidance allowing yourself to be directed.  Treat as many places on the body or in the aura as you feel compelled to.  During this process, allow yourself to enter a very relaxed state and to become one with the Reiki energy.

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