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The Reiki Symbols

There are no symbols in First Degree Reiki, and they are not necessary to give a Reiki treatment. However, the symbols that are given in Second Degree Reiki and beyond, and the attunements that empower them, activates the strength and value of the system of Reiki healing. 


Reiki symbols are sacred.  It is part of the Reiki tradition that they be kept confidential.  They are only revealed to those who have taken Second Degree Reiki or higher and received the attunement that empowers them.  The reason for the secrecy is two-fold.  First, there is a personal issue.  By keeping the symbols secret, you demonstrate your respect for them.  If others reveal the symbols or display them in print or on the internet, this cannot affect your own personal relationship with the symbols.  As long as you keep them secret, you are demonstrating your respect.


The second reason for keeping the symbols secret is consideration for others.  Since the power of the symbols come from the attunement, showing them to hose who have not received the attunement will not help them and could cause confusion by leading them to believe they already have the entire system and don’t need to take the class or receive the attunement.  If this happens, then they would miss the real value of Reiki.  However, since the symbols aren’t shown in this manual, their nature and purpose can be discussed without violating this trust. 


It is important to note that the attunement actually empowers the symbols so that they will fulfill their intended purpose; without the attunement, the symbols do not seem to do much.  This has been verified many times.  Students have been given the symbols to memorize before the attunement process takes place.  Many have been psychic and some have been healers who are able to see and feel the Reiki energies.  All report similar effects.  Before the attunement, the symbols don’t seem to have much an influence on the Reiki energies.  After the attunement, the effect is definitely there.


"Reiki Symbols Are Transcendental"

Reiki symbols are transcendental.  Rather than affecting only the subconscious mind as most symbols do, the Reiki symbols connect directly to Spiritual Consciousness and effect of the Reiki energies.  Whenever a Reiki symbol is used by someone who has Second Degree Reiki or higher, the Rei or Spiritual Consciousness responds by changing the way the Reiki energy functions.  This process operates under a divine covenant or sacred agreement between the Source of Reiki and those who have Second Degree Reiki or higher.  A person does not have to be in an altered state for the symbols to work.  they work automatically, every time they are used.


"Reiki Symbols Are Keys That Open Doors To Higher Levels Of Healing"

They can also be thought of as buttons: whenever you “push” one, you automatically get the energy of that symbol.   Of course, the symbols must be used correctly to activate them.  But activating them is really very simple.  In fact they are activated simply by your intention to use them.  And because it is your intention that activates the symbols, there is no exact and perfect way you must draw them in order for them to work.


In other words, you do not have to draw each line to exactly the correct length or at the exact angle.  As long as the symbol can be identified as the one you are using, it will work.  However, perfecting the drawing of the Reiki symbols, strengthen its potentcy. 

Drawing The Symbols Correctly

If you have respect for Reiki and if you want to use the symbols properly, it’s important that you learn how to draw the symbols correctly so that all the lines are present and drawn in the right sequence.  The reason they need to be drawn in the correct sequence is because writing kanji characters or drawing out the symbols is considered to be an art form and having a smooth rhythmic flow to your pen or brush or hand is important in maintaining the right energy for each character or symbol. 

When The Reiki Master Shows The Reiki Symbols To A Student...

When a Reiki Master shows the Reiki symbols to a student and gives the attunement for them, an imprinting takes place that links the image the student has been shown to the metaphysical energies the symbol represents.  This makes use of the stimulus/response mechanism in the brain.  Whenever a specific stimulus repeatedly accompanies a particular experience, a relationship develops between the stimulus and a person’s response to it.  Pavlov demonstrated this in his famous experiment.  Whenever he fed his dog, he rang a bell.  After doing this over and over, all he had to do was ring the bell and the dog salivated.  Because the energies of the Reiki attunement are of a transcendental nature, this process is sped up so that a person needs to be exposed to the symbols only briefly.  Then, during the attunement, the energy the symbol represents comes down and links itself to the symbol located in the brain. Then after this, whenever the student thinks of the symbol, the energy the symbol represents automatically begins to flow. 


Because Takata Sense did not allow her students to make copies of the symbols, they had to memorize them. many did not have perfect memories and when the symbols were passed on from teacher to student over and over again, with no one being allowed to write them down, many variations developed.  We now find that the symbols used by some Reiki teachers look nothing like the original symbols used by Usui-Sensei, yet they work just the same.  However, if one calls what one is practicing and teaching Usui Reiki, then out of respect for Usui Sensei and out of respect for ones students, it is important that the symbols on uses at least look similar to those used Usui Sensei.

Activating Reiki Symbols

There are many ways to activate Reiki symbols.  You can draw them in the air in front of you or on or near the client.  You can also draw them on the palms of your hands before placing your hands on the client.  They symbols are best drawn using your whole hand with all the fingers extended.  Another way to draw them is using the whole hand but intending that they are being drawn from the palm chakra.  You can also activate a symbol by thinking of its name, by saying it out loud if no one is around or if you are only with persons who have had Reiki II or higher.  You can also visualize the symbol or imagine yourself drawing it. Any of these ways will activate Reiki symbols.  The important thing is your intention: intend to activate the symbol and it will activate.  The above methods are simply ways of expressing your intentions.


As you practice more and more of Reiki, you will find your own method and go with what feels good for you.  

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