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Reiki Experiment

What Led Me To This Experiment

What led me to this experiment is that ever since the first time I felt this weight of an energy in the middle of the palm of my hands, I’ve been highly fascinated about the mystical-ness of Reiki.


I put in a lot of hours so that I can get acquainted and familiar to the energy and the energy with me. I do understand that integrating myself fully to this energy does take time. But one thing that was an immediate knowledge, is, after my Reiki I and II Attunement, a warm, pulsating, twinkling, unseen energy was coming out of my palms. And it’s been doing this for years and years now. 

I’m not going to deny the fact that I was curious and fascinated. I know and it’s my truth that something is coming out of my palms and it’s warm. And then one day, as I was scrolling through some videos, someone had a thermal camera. So I decided to get a thermal camera to do a little experiment, hoping to see something to show for this energy coming out of my palms.


Many people have told me how hot my hands get when touching them, once I activate the Reiki to flow. I was interested to see how  the thermal camera can catch the temperature changes within the hands when Reiki is activated. 

Finding A Legit Thermal Camera Within My Budget

As I start to do further research on Thermal Cameras, I quickly realized that the are about $1000 plus. I was a bit hopeless. I looked into options in renting one or maybe just borrowing one first, but I was really hoping to have my own for future reiki sessions and classes. I also wanted it so that I can show my students what the thermal camera can hopefully capture when they get attuned to Reiki. It was disappointing how expensive these thermal cameras were. 

The Thermal Camera I Chose...

Thanks to google and amazon algorhytm, this beautiful creation popped up in my screen.  It is a portable Thermal camera that works with your phone app.

Seek Thermal Compact Pro.

Keep an eye on things – even things your eyes can’t see. A visual assessment using the Seek CompactXR has unique benefits especially at dawn, dusk, and over long distances where visible light is limited. Thermal imaging detects temperature, which is indicative of people, animals, or other objects radiating energy (or heat). This makes it easier to discover and detect heat at night where lighting provides unwanted attention.


Based on the reviews, I watched on YouTube and read on Amazon and other websites, this thermal camera, was pretty good and comparable to the expensive ones. It’s not super cheap, it is still over $200 but this was much more affordable than those over a thousand dollars. 

Did The Thermal Camera Capture Reiki?

I was able to try this experiment using 15 of my new Reiki students and 7 of them as Reiki Master students. The results are were different for the new Reiki Students vs the Reiki Masters. It was quite interesting. 


I took a thermal video and picture of my students with their hands up, palm facing the camera to show the before temperatures of each hands. All students had a reddish-orange temperature in their hands which is around 70-85 degrees or so. Do not quote me on that because I just came to the conclusion that the reddish-orange color of all my student’s palms was the normal temperature of hands. Some of them were blue, meaning cold when they first got there, but when settled in, their palms were at the normal temperatures of reddish and orange. 


I also took a Thermal Video and picture of their palms shortly after the Reiki Attunement, once the students have activated the symbols on their palms. What was evident is that ALL the Reiki Students had the white color temperature reading in the middle of their palms. 

Before The Attunement

thermal camera reiki energy

After The Attunement

What We Discovered

So it seems that the once the Reiki symbols were activated on the palms of my students. The white indicates an energy temperature of over 93 degrees Fahrenheit. As the students breathe their way to allowing the Reiki energy to flow out of their palms.


The Thermal Camera had captured the white area, which indicates hotter temperature to pulsate out of the students hands, and white grew bigger covering the student’s whole palm and would then trace off more onto their wrist.  


I noticed that Reiki practitioners who are attuned to Reiki I & II, the front of their palm is what heats up the most.


I also recognized after evaluating the Reiki Master student’s hands through the thermal camera that the front and back of their hands are covered in white within minutes, indicating the hotter temperature, assuming it’s reiki. Soon after, a Reiki Master is glowing in white through the thermal camera.  

reiki session with thermal camera
reiki energy through thermal camera
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