Sunday, February 23, 2020

Using My Third Eye To See Mermaids

How about Mermaids? Did Nature co-create Mermaids or Humans did? Do they really exists?


Curious and partly bored, I used my clairvoyant skills to see if Mermaids are real. I wanted to see if there really is a substance to them, a soul, an existence. 


It’s very rare that my curiosity peaks to such adventure. I don’t want to make this a habit, but no one really knows about mermaids. And I love the movie Little Mermaid, what are mermaids all about? 


I cleared my mind by shaking my head and breathing out the thoughts before I ever close my eyes to traveI or whatever you wanna call it. I closed my eyes and slowly said, “Show me the Mermaids” and opened my third eye. 

Where Am I? And Who Is That?

I travelled through some time loop hole for a few seconds then the clouds start to clear. It opened into what seemed like a lab.


I saw a man in a lab coat with his back turned away from me. Bright lights! He was wearing glasses. 


Immediately, I was quickly zoned in on top of a petri dish! Then the shadows and light formed into this man injecting something into what seemed to be a mini egg species in the petri dish. 

What The Heck Was That?

I sensed the man in the lab coat was the like a scientist. I watched him inject something into the egg in the petri dish. When he was injecting the egg, it felt very experimental. I got a quick whiff that it was a human male into a fish egg. But it almost feels like they have tried the other way around too. 


He didn’t feel like a mad scientist but he felt like a curious scientist assigned to this project. He was assigned to see if mermaids can be created. That first moment I entered the scene, he seemed to be in a contemplative mode, as if he was still trying to figure out the right alchemy. 

It's A Mermaid!

I watched him sitting down in the lab just observing and watching a small aquarium with a what seemed like a baby mermaid or a really small mermaid. It reminded me of sea horses. 


Next thing you know, I was watching this mermaid swim to what seemed like the ocean. The mermaid seemed to have long hair but I didn’t get to see the face, It was always turned away from me. 

How Long Was I Gone?

I opened my eyes and I was only out for 45 minutes. It always seems like it was like 10 minutes but traveling this way that I do, it makes time flies. Not sure what that’s all about. 

My Thoughts

I am starting understand why these species such as Mermaids and Big Foot, unicorns, etc, got hidden, stay hidden and became a myth and mystery.


Mermaids are obviously half human in some form and half fish. Would we consider their existence beautiful work of God? Or would we see it as inhumane work of a mad man? Would we be able to accept them in our world? Can we respect their species and habitat? Would we preserve their life or diminish it?


The biggest question is if presented with their existence, can we co-exist with them? 

Your Thoughts

More and more people are opening their third eye and becoming clairvoyants. So if you feel pulled to take a look at Mermaids, I’d love to hear all abut it and comment below to add some insights.  This ability is weird to me as it is for you. I just happen to have to live with it so with that this helps me learn navigate my way around the unseen realm. Thank you for being here! Subscribe for more and to get notified for new post. Namaste!

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