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What Is Distance Healing?

Distance healing is any form of healing energy “sent” across time and space that is received and has a healing effect on the recipient. … The energy body can be accessed easily from anywhere and at any time and does not require you to be physically present with the practitioner. 


There are many ways to send healing remotely so I wanted to share with you the way I send remote healing and teach my students to send distance healing. 

Many healers will have their own ways or rituals when sending distance healing. You will find many methods online and different modalities when sending distance healing, but what I highly suggest is, stay close to what feels right for you. I personally prefer to stick with the basics when I send distance healing so that magic can happen without me controlling it. By the end of this, you will be able to send distance healing simply, and effectively. And with this simple technique, you will allow and hold space for magic to happen. 

I came in to learn Reiki for my own healing. However, as I got attuned and activated for Reiki, I did my own science experiments on whether distance healing actually works. I wanted to know how the recipient feels, how I feel, what I can see and sense and did my intuitive finding match and resonate with the recipient? Even with time and practice, it still amazes me. And, every distant healing experience is different… So wondrous!

Any Volunteers?

I wanted to do my own experiment and study while I sent distant healing. When I first was aware that distant healing with Reiki exists, I was really curious. So I went onto Facebook and asked my close friends and family who would be willing to volunteer for a distant reiki healing because I needed practice as well. 

My first try at it, I got 7 people wanting healing. They privately messaged me requesting I send them healing. I got a little bit nervous because the people that requested the healing and was willing to be a volunteer to my experiment were people that I barely knew and saw. I knew them well in facebook but in reality I didn’t know them much. I eased my mind by reminding myself that this healing is not up to me, I will send it and I guess we will find out if it works and what would happen.

I told my wonderful volunteers that I would let them know when I start sending the reiki healing and that I would talk to them afterwards to find out if they felt anything weird, and different during the session. Thankfully, they all agreed and were willing to cooperate. 


By now, I have done this type of experiment many many times with many different people from many different countries. I practiced on people I knew, and didn’t know. I personally believe, It’s not necessary to ask permission in this ego state of consciousness, although it is always ethical to do so. I say that it’s not necessary for you to ask a person directly for permission because Reiki has a way of communicating with the person’s higher self energtically, which then, either allows me to keep sending it or closes it out. It speaks to it’s spiritual evolution. 

What To Remember...

I practice Usui-Holy Fire Reiki. I noticed that a lot of other healing modalities and methods out there branched out from Reiki. It really is quite beautiful and crazy and wild! Distant healing deals with no time and space. It’s almost instantaneous, dramatic yet subtle. All these healing energies are fantastical, magical, intense and wondrous. 

Reiki is a life force energy alchemized with spiritual consciousness energy. It works according to the person’s spiritual evolution in the spiritual level. I often experience Reiki distant healing works to heal the person’s inner self to exterior. It’s not much of a bandaid that will just temporarily heal a physical pain, it will heal the physical symptom/s, but it will also heal the energetic root cause of the manifested physical pain. In plain terms, it heals on a spiritual level. I will explain more as we get more into this.  

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