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Who is Rudolf Steiner?

Rudolf Steiner was a clairvoyant who searched for an explanation and deeper understanding to his mystical experiences.  He also wrote many books sharing his explorations and discoveries.


When he was nine years old, Steiner believed that he saw the spirit of an aunt who had died in a far-off town asking him to help her at a time when neither he nor his family knew of the woman’s death.  Steiner later related that as a child he felt “that one must carry the knowledge of the spiritual world within oneself after the fashion of geometry … [for here] one is permitted to know something which the mind alone, through its own power, experiences. In this feeling I found the justification for the spiritual world that I experienced … I confirmed for myself by means of geometry the feeling that I must speak of a world ‘which is not seen’.


Steiner believed that at the age of 15 he had gained a complete understanding of the concept of time, which he considered to be the precondition of spiritual clairvoyance.[6] At 21, on the train between his home village and Vienna, Steiner met an herb gatherer, Felix Kogutzki, who spoke about the spiritual world “as one who had his own experience therein”. Kogutzki conveyed to Steiner a knowledge of nature that was non-academic and spiritual.

Rudolf Steiner revelations

What Fascinates Me About Him

Discovering Rudolf Steiner showed me that I’m not alone in this spiritual journey and path I’ve taken. He gave definitions and explanations to my spiritual enlightenment experiences. Most of what I’ve read from his books has helped me make sense of my very own personal experiences. I understand and resonate to his theories and philosophies. I know what he’s talking about. And I now realize that, I went through a spiritual initiation. This is one of the most fascinating thing that he talks about in his books.


Had I read Rudolf Steiner’s literature before this year, I am almost sure, I wouldn’t have received the message or would have understood the depth of his information. Reading his books excite me because I was starting to doubt my own sense of abilities and higher knowledge. Rudolf Steiner’s information and knowledge gives me the balance I needed.  I’m not crazy after all. 


Through this path of enlightenment, I had to come to my own wisdom and knowing prior to discovering Rudolf Steiner.  Again I’m so glad, there is something greater to my enlightenment.


When he wrote his books going back in the early 1900’s he spoke off mystic abilities that we can awaken within us during the Aquarian Age. A consciousness we can and will expand to. Rudolf Steiner was correct. These specific mystic abilities, he had revelations about are the mystic abilities I have awakened within me.  

Some Of Rudolf Steiner's Books

Let me know what you think of Rudolf Steiner. He has free e-books online that I’ve saved as PDF and printed out. Connect with me if you have any added insight. Thank you for being here, please subscribe so you will be notified for new posts.

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